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transferable (adjective), more transferable, most transferable
Capable of or being able to move someone or something from one place to another one: The more transferable of Helen's assets; such as, her jewelry, were put in the bank vault; her larger properties were sold at an auction. 
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nontransferable, non-transferable (adjective); more nontransferable, more non-transferable; most nontransferable, most non-transferable
Descriptive of something; such as, a document, or other property, which cannot legally be given to another person: The deed to the nontransferable property of Ted's farm could not be given to his cousin, Jim, until after Ted's parents were no longer living.

The aircraft fares that Mark and his wife purchased at a special discount for the flight to Honolulu are nonrefundable and also nontransferable tickets to any other people. They were told that they would have to use their non-transferable tickets or they would lose them.

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