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(From Latin: "to, toward, a direction toward, an addition to, near, at"; and changes to: "ac-, af-, ag-, al-, an-, ap-, aq-, ar-, as-, at-" and ad- is also combined with certain words that begin with the letters c, f, g, l, n, p, q, r, s, and t.)
(Latin: ad-, "to, toward, near" plus gluten, glutinis, "glue, beeswax")
(Greek: thirst, thirsty [toward "drink"])
(Greek: above, over, on, upon; besides; in addition to; toward; among)
(Latin: in, into, within, inside, on, toward [il-, ir-, im-], in, into, etc.: involve, incur, invade; also, used intensively, as in the words inflame and inflammable, or without perceptible force.)
(Old English, Middle English: in, into; within; toward; a prefix used in front of English words, not Latin or Greek elements; as in the words, indoors and inland)
(Latin: to be lenient [toward], accede, take pleasure [in]; originally, "to be kind, kindness; to be long-suffering, to be patient")
(Latin: left, to the left; toward, or on the left side)
(Latin: toward, to, before)
(Latin: left, on the left side; at, toward, or using the left; left-handed)
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toward (preposition), towards
1. In the direction of someone or something: Mabel walked toward the door to her kitchen.

Mike is driving his car toward town.

Elisa is coming towards me with a glass of water.

2. Used to indicate a direction faced by an object: Susan said, "Tom, please turn the light towards the ceiling."
3. Close to or near a place: Tabitha and Willie live out towards the edge of the forest.
4. Not long before a special time: Natasha and Brandon plan to go on their trip towards the end of the summer.
5. A process which is meant to achieve or to produce some objective: All of the efforts toward putting out the fires have been delayed because of the dry weather and the scorching hot temperatures.
6. Referring to part of a payment for something: Melba deposited $1,500 toward the costs of her trip to France.
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