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tortoise (s) (noun), tortoises (pl)
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tortoise, turtle
tortoise (TOR tis) (noun)
1. Any of various terrestrial creatures; especially, one of the family Testudinidae, characteristically having thick club-like hind limbs and a high, rounded carapace (protective, shell-like covering): "We kept a desert tortoise for several years as a pet before taking it back to its natural habitat."
2. Anyone who moves slowly; a laggard: "There is an old fable, The Tortoise and the Hare, which describes the tortoise as slow moving but eventually getting where it wanted to go."
turtle (TUR t'l) (noun)
Any of various aquatic, or terrestrial reptiles, having horny toothless jaws and a bony or leathery shell into which the head, limbs, and a tail can retract: "We had a small green turtle in our aquarium as well as several different kinds of fresh water fish."

"When they went to Australia, they saw a sea turtle swimming next to the ship."

When we went to the zoo, we saw the tortoise enclosure which was designed to look like a desert.

Because I had a blister on my foot, I moved like a tortoise when we went to see the turtle enclosure that was a mixed environment of dry and marshy wet land.

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