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toasted skin syndrome, erythema ab igne
1. A blotchy or mottled discoloration of the skin that develops from prolonged or repeated exposure to heat without a burn.
2. A syndrome (combination of symptoms) which consists of a brownish discoloration of the skin caused by the prolonged exposure to heat from a laptop computer.

The condition can lead to permanent darkening of the skin, and in some cases, it may lead to damage that results in skin cancers.

The heat that causes the condition originates from a laptop computer’s optical drive, the battery, or the ventilation fan; or any combination of these elements.

People who spend prolonged periods of time studying, reading, or playing games on laptop computers placed on their upper legs can develop toasted skin syndrome and the affected area may be itchy and lesions may occur.

The condition, technically called erythema ab igne, has been observed before on the lower legs of patients who worked in front of open fires or coal stoves.

Erythema ab igne is a reticulated, pigmented, macular eruption that occurs, mostly on the shins, of bakers, stokers, and others who are exposed to radiant heat.

The condition can also result from heating pads and hot water bottles, car heaters, fireplaces, stoves or other heat sources.

Workers; such as, bakers or chefs who encountered heat on the job have been at risk of getting toasted skin syndrome; and now, the increased use of a laptop on the lap has become another cause of this condition.