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title (s) (noun), titles (pl)
1. An identifying name given to a book, play, film, musical composition, or other literary or artistic work to describe it: What is the title of the book you're reading?

This is one of the best-selling titles this year.

2. A general or descriptive heading for something; such as, a book chapter, a magazine article, or a speech, etc.; such as, a book that is produced by a publisher: Since it is such a small publishing company, it only publishes about 30 titles a year.
3. Written material to be read by viewers that is included in a film or television show, typically presenting credits, narration, or dialogue.
4. A written piece of translated dialogue superimposed at the bottom of the frame during a film; a subtitle.
5. A word added to and usually preceding someone's name to indicate his or her rank, social status, or profession, or as a courtesy; for example, Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., General, Sergeant, etc.

Hank's title is Vice President of Marketing.

6. A name that describes someone's job or position in a company or organization: A job title; such as, CEO or Chief Executive Officer; President; Chairman, etc.
7. In law, a heading for a lawsuit which names a document, statute, or proceeding.
8. A division of a law book, declaration, or bill, which is generally larger than a section or article.
9. The coincidence of all the elements that constitute the fullest legal right to control and dispose of property or a claim.
10. The aggregate evidence that gives rise to a legal right of possession or control: The court has ruled that Joe's sister has title to both the house and the land.
11. In sports, a championship or the status of champion in a sport or competition: Joe Louis held the heavyweight boxing title or championship longer than anyone else.

Sam's university has won six basketball titles this year.

12. Etymology: from about A.D. 1300, "inscription, heading"; from Old French title, and in part from Old English titul; both of which came from Latin titulus, "inscription, heading"; said to be of unknown origin.

A placard or inscription placed on an object, giving information about it; and then a descriptive heading in a book or other composition.

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title, titles; titled; titling (verbs)
To give a name or title to something; such as, a book, song, movie, etc.: "The studio titled the book Yes, you can."

"We saw a movie titled, Gone With the Wind."

"He said he would be titling the TV show, Can You Do It?"

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