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ticket, ticket, ticket
ticket (TIK it) (noun)
A card representing admission to an activity or a fare for some form of transportation: "We were told to present our ticket when we arrived at the entrance of the theater."

"I bought a one way ticket on the bus."

ticket (TIK it) (noun)
A list of candidates running for political office: "She was asked if her name was on the ticket for governor in the upcoming election?"
ticket (TIK it) (verb)
To give or to issue an official notification or summons or to issue a document for travelling: "The police officer was determined to ticket my car which was in the No Parking zone outside the travel agent who was planning to ticket my vacation that afternoon."

I bought a ticket to the meeting of the candidates so I could hear the complete ticket of each of those who were running for the office of mayor.

(the English language is viewed as a ticket to the future in Mongolia and other countries)
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season ticket (s) (noun), season tickets (pl)
A pass or ticket that entitles the holder to have certain privileges for a specified time: Jim and his wife had season tickets for a series of concerts and modern musicals.
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