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thymos, thymotic, thymotics, thymotically
1. The mind or heart as the seat of strong feelings or passions.
2. A desire or hunger of people for personal recognition and acknowledgement of their worth and significance.
3. People who are sensitive about their self-worth and the significance of their group.
4. The psychological orign of political action.
Thymos is something like an innate human sense of justice; people believe that they have a certain worth, and when other people act as though they are worth less—when they do not recognize their worth at its correct value—they become angry. The intimate relationship between self-evaluation and anger can be seen in the English word synonymous with anger, indignation. Dignity refers to a person's sense of self-worth; indignation arises when something happens to offend that sense of worth.
—By Francis Fukuyama, The End of History and the Last Man
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(Greek: thymos, spirit, soul; courage; breath, mind, emotions)