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1. Any of various plants of the genus Thymus, of the mint family, including the garden herb T. vulgaris, which is cultivated commercially as a spice.
2. A perennial mint plant of the genus Thymus; a pungent aromatic herb is made from the leaves.
3. The dried leaves and flowering tops of Thymus vulgaris; where both the dried plant and a volatile oil derived from it are used as carminatives (an agent used to relieve flatulence), and the oil is also used externally as a counterirritant and rubefacient (causing redness of the skin).
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thyme, time, time
thyme (THIGHM) (noun)
Any of a number of plants with aromatic leaves frequently used in cooking or medicines: "The recipe said to put in a pinch of thyme just before serving."
time (TIGHM) (verb)
To regulate, to set the speed or duration: "The coach will time the runners to determine who is the fastest one."
time (TIGHM) (noun)
1. A measureable period during which something occurs or happens: "This is the time of fantastic explorations in space."
2. The determined or customary moment when something begins or ends: "It is now time for dinner after which there will be time to watch our favorite TV program before it is time to go to bed."
3. One's experiences during a specific event: "We had a great time at the tea yesterday afternoon."
4. A period or length of apprenticeship, training, or military service: "He served his time in the naval reserve and he was glad that he had the experience."

"I still have time before I complete my internship at the hospital."

Spring is the time to plant thyme in the garden.

(Greek > Modern Latin: thymus gland, glands; warty glanular growth resembling a bunch of thyme [aromatic bush leaves])
(Greek > Latin: a genus of plants, the thyme)
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thyme oil
An essential oil found in the flowers of the thymes Thymus vulgaris, a colorless to reddish-brown liquid with a sharp taste and pleasant aroma, soluble in alcohol, slightly soluble in water; used in medicine, perfumery, cosmetics, flavoring, and soap.
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