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thorough, throughout
thorough (THUR oh, THUHR oh) (adjective)
1. Exhaustive, detailed, complete, or painstaking: "We conducted a thorough search of my closet in hopes of finding my missing shoe."

"The police were thorough in their investigation of the bank robbery."

2. Having mastery or competence in something: "Her reputation was based on being a thorough and competent violinist."
throughout (throo OUT) (preposition/adverb)
During the entire time; from beginning to end: "Throughout the entire summer, she read six books and went to two movies."

Throughout the time it took the police to complete a thorough investigation of the car accident, we were not allowed to leave the scene.

Fortunately, my friend was a thorough master of the harmonica and so he played so we could more easily pass the time away.