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thermal energy
The kinetic energy associated with the motion of atoms or molecules in a substance; such as, heat.
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ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)
Any of various techniques for extracting energy from the vertical temperature difference in the oceans.

In principle, ocean thermal energy conversion can be used to generate electricity, desalinate water, support deep-water mariculture, and provide refrigeration and air-conditioning.

solar thermal energy
The conversion of the radiant energy from the sun into heat, which can then be used for such purposes as space and hot water heating, industrial process heat, or power generation.

Solar thermal energy can be used for such applications as, space heating, air conditioning, hot water, industrial process heat, drying, distillation and desalination, and electrical power.

thermal energy storage, TES
The storage of heat energy by means of sensible or latent heat technologies, in order to provide heating or cooling services at a later date.