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sext, sexting, sexted; sexting; text, texting, texted
sext, sexting, sexted (SEKST, SEKST ing, SEKST'd) (verbs)
1. A portmanteau (combination) of sex and texting which is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between cell phones: "The mother of a twelve-year old girl was caught sexting a nude photo of herself to her boy friend."
2. Sending sexually explicit text messages via electronic means between individuals which may include pictures: "Both parents of the boy and girl were very upset when they found out that their children had sexted to each other."

"In other parts of the country, teens have been arrested for sexting on the internet."

sexting (SEKST ing) (noun)
The slang term for the use of a cell phone or other similar electronic device to distribute pictures or video of sexually explicit images: "Sexting also refers to text messages of an obviously sexual-content."

Come on people, don't you know that your sexted messages on the internet can be seen by other people?

Every time you sext images and messages, you have actually sexted them for the world to see.

text, texting, texted (TEKST, TEKST ing, TEKST'd) (verbs)
To use an electronic device to send a message: "Her friend texted her when she arrived in town."

"A six-month trial of mobile calling, texting, and other data services were made available to their customers."

Hey, friend, I've been texting you for several days and you haven't texted me back. Would you please text me soon so I'll know that you are all right.