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terrible (adjective)
1. Distressing; severe: "It was a terrible winter."
2. Extremely bad; horrible; extreme in extent or degree: "That was a terrible movie."
3. Exciting terror, awe, or great fear; dreadful; awful.
4. Causing great fear or alarm; dreadful: "During the storm there was a terrible bolt of lightning.
5. Formidably great: "She took on a terrible responsibility."
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(Greek: fearful, frightful; terrible, powerful)
(Latin: fearful, awful, boding ill, ill-omened, horrible, terrible)
(Latin: formido, "terror"; causing fear, terrible; to dread, to fear)
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enfant terrible (s) (noun), enfants terribles (pl)
1. A child whose behavior, questions, remarks, etc., embarrass older people: The little boy indicated his character as an enfant terrible when he embarrassed his parents by mentioning that they said something bad about their guest.
2. Someone whose unconventional or controversial behavior or ideas shock, embarrass, or annoy another person or people; a person who is indiscreet or lacks a sense of responsibility: There are those who feel that some talk show hosts are extending their former juvenile characteristics as enfants terribles into their adult behaviors.
3. Etymology: from French; literally, "terrible child".
A child whose comments cause embarrassments for their parents.
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Word Entries at Get Words containing the term: “terrible
A child who makes remarks that cause embarrassment; someone who is indiscreet or lacks a sense of responsibility about what he or she says; especially, about another person. (1)