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terminology (s) (noun), terminologies (pl)
A vocabulary or language which is particular to a specific occupation or work: Political terminology is littered with expressions; such as, "transparency", "complete disclosure", "I assure you", etc.

This is a lexicon that deals with a multitude of terminologies.

Special terms or expressions that are used in special subjects, business, politics, etc.
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Terms which are used in legal expressions that can be difficult to understand
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(Greek: rod-shaped micro-organism; used in biomedical terminology)
(Greek: upper air, purer air [alcohol and sufuric acid]; in scientific terminology, "volatile, clean-smelling, euphoria-producing liquid composed of alcohol and sufuric acid")
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Special terms or expressions that are utilized by special groups or individuals in various professions or occupations. (2)
(the study of the deep seas or oceans involves the abyss or the "deep seas" which cover almost two-thirds of the earth's surface; showing applicable scientific terminology in this unit)
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cloud terminology
Englishman, Luke Howard gave clouds their common names.

Before 1800, observers spoke of clouds only as essences floating in the sky. Clouds had no names and were not well understood.

Luke Howard noted that there are three basic shapes to clouds: heaps of separated cloud masses with flat bottoms and cauliflower tops, which he named cumulus, Latin for "heap"; layers of clouds which are much wider than they are thick, like a blanket or a mattress, which he named stratus, Latin for "layer"; wispy curls, like a child's hair, which he called cirrus, Latin for "curl". To clouds generating precipitation, he gave the name nimbus, Latin for "rain".

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