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tergiversation (s) (noun), tergiversations (pl)
1. The avoidance of a straightforward action or a clear-cut statement by not telling the truth; equivocation: The student was often telling his parents that he didn't have any homework to do, but his tergiversations were finally revealed and he could no longer avoid the unpleasant fact as to why he was getting such low grades on his report card.
2. The desertion of a position, political party, or religious faith: Mark's brother was not sincere in his righteous conduct or behavior; so, his tergiversation indicated his lack of faithfulness in what he professed to believe.
3. Etymology: from Latin tergiversari,"to show reluctance" and it comes from the combination of tergum, "back" + versare, "to turn".
Conflicting statements that avoid telling the truth.
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