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tenor, tenor, tenor, tenure
tenor (TEN uhr) (noun)
A musical term describing the highest natural range of the male voice, or someone who sings in this vocal range: "The musical composition called for a tenor to sing the lead role."

"Her brother is a tenor and enjoys singing in concerts."

tenor (TEN uhr) (noun)
The general idea of something: "The first paragraph in the essay gave the tenor for the rest of the composition."
tenor (TEN uhr) (adjective)
Any of a number of musical instruments that have a high musical range: "Her friend plays the tenor saxophone in the jazz quartet."
tenure (TEN yuhr, TEN yoor") (noun)
The time frame during which a position is held, or the status granted an individual in a professional position as an assurance against unexpected dismissal: "My sister has a secure tenure with the board of education where she works."

"After five years, my friend's father was granted tenure as professor in our local university."

The tenor’s tenure with the opera company was cut short by an argument with the general manager and the tenor was asked to leave.