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tenant, tenet
tenant (TEN uhnt) (noun)
An individual who lives in a building, or uses land, on a temporary basis, often associated with the payment of rent money: "She was an excellent tenant who always paid her rent on time."

"Mr. Smith is a tenant on my father's farm."

tenet (TEN it) (noun)
A basic doctrine or foundation of belief that is believed to be true: "The basic tenet of my faith is to be kind to other people."

The new tenant in the apartment below apparently believes in the tenet that quiet people make good neighbors because he keeps the volume turned down when he plays his TV or radio.

tenet (s) (noun), tenets (pl)
1. A doctrine or an opinion which can refer to a philosophy or religion: Jack's tenet, or belief and creed, didn't allow him to do normal work on Sundays.
2. Etymology: from Latin tenet, "he holds"; from tenere, "to hold, to grasp, to keep, to have possession."
An opinion, principle, or doctrine that a person believes is true.
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