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tendril (s) (noun), tendrils (pl)
1. A slender stemlike structure by which some twining plants attach themselves to an object for support; spirally coiling organs of climbing plants.
2. A slender climbing organ formed by modification of a part of a plant, such as a stem, a leaf or leaflet, or a stipule (one of a pair of appendages at the bases of leaves in many dicotyledons).
3. A twisting, threadlike structure by which a twining plant; such as, a grape or cucumber, grasps an object or a plant for support.
4. Something; such as, a ringlet of hair, that is long, slender, and curling.
5. Etymology: from Middle French (c.1400-c.1600) tendrillon, "bud, shoot, cartilage"; perhaps a diminutive of tendron, "cartilage"; from Old French (c.900-1400) tendre, "soft", or possibly from Latin tendere, "to stretch, to extend".