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tempo (s) (noun); tempos, tempi (pl)
1. The speed at which a musical composition or passage is performed: The tempo printed at the top of the composition indicated that the orchestra should play the movement of the Suite in Andante, moderately slow, and not in Presto, very fast.
2. The pace or rate of something: The teacher was told to keep her activities in the classroom at a brisk, and not a slow tempo, while at the same time to maintain the attention of the children.
3. A characteristic rate or rhythm of an activity or motion by someone or something: In the beginning the hikers set their speed of walking at an energetic tempo, and in the afternoon they walked much slower and in an unhurried manner, stopping here and there to enjoy the sights.
4. Etymology: from Italian which came from Latin tempus,, "time".
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This entry is located in the following unit: tempo-, tempor-, temp- (page 4)
(Latin: time, occasion)
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tempo-, tempor-, temp-
Latin: time, occasion; in this unit.