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Earth: Gaea, Tellus
Greek: Gaea (goddess)
Latin: Tellus (goddess)
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Gaia (Greek), Gaea, Terra, Tellus (Latin) (proper noun)
1. The "earth mother" or "mother earth": Gaia is the embodiment of the Earth as being fertile, encouraging, supporting and loving mother.
2. A Gaia space craft that is on a "Gaia mission" whose main goal is to make the largest, most precise three-dimensional map of our Galaxy by surveying an unprecedented one per cent of its population of 100 billion stars.

Astronomers will have the challenge of dealing with a flood of data when Gaia begins its work in 2012. Even after being compressed by software, the data produced by the five-year mission will fill over 30 000 CD ROMs. This data will be transmitted "raw" and they will need processing on Earth to turn it into a calibrated set of measurements that can be freely used by the astronomical community.

—Compiled from information provided by the
European Space Agency (ESA).

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(Modern Latin: tellus, the "earth"; metal)