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1. Referring to or relating to a telescope which has the ability to make something distant seem nearer or larger.
2. Something which is seen or obtained by means of a telescope.
3. Extensible or compressible by or as if by the sliding of overlapping sections or consisting of parts that slide or pass one inside another.
Word Entries containing the term: “telescopic
telescopic forks
The front motorcycle suspension system that has two fork legs, each with sliding and fixed tubular members which telescope together to allow suspension movements.
telescopic shock absorber (s) (noun), telescopic shock absorbers (pl)
A tubular spring damper operated by rod and piston which is considered to be the most common type of shock absorber: The mechanic installed new telescopic shock absorbers on his pickup truck.
telescopic steering column
A steering column that collapses in on itself on impact or a collision.