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team, team, teem
team (TEEM) (noun)
1. Animals harnessed to a vehicle which are used to move it: "The team of matched bay horses were pulling the carriage of the princess during the parade."
2. A group of individuals associated with a specific task or activity: "The football team appeared to be on a winning streak when they won their fifth straight game."

"She was asked to join her team of colleagues who were assigned to plan the end of the year party for our office."

team (TEEM) (verb)
To join or to collaborate with a group for the completion of a specific task: "We agreed to team up with our other friends to plan a holiday together."
teem (TEEM) (verb)
1. To be filled to the point of overflowing: "The lake seemed to teem with fish and he could hardly wait to go fishing there."

"The sky seemed to teem with rain all day long."

2. To empty or to pour out: "The foundry workers started to teem the molten metal into the forms."

When I went to the soccer game, I noticed that each team seemed to teem with husky and powerfully built players.

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(Greek: moss; blossom; also to swell, teem; young one; to be full, swell, bloom, cause to burst forth)