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tease, teas, tees
tease (TEEZ) (verb)
1. To straighten out a tangle or a tangled situation: "The lawyer tried to tease the facts out of a very shy witness."

"I used my new hair brush to tease my hair when I woke up in the morning."

2. To make someone irritated or angry by engaging annoying behavior: "He tried to make his sister laugh but his efforts to tease her only made her angry."
3. To style one's hair by back combing the hair to make it seem voluminous or full: "The hair stylist started to tease my hair to give it a soft full puffiness in the front."
4. To tantalize but not to fulfill the expectations so aroused: "The aroma of baking bread served to tease her appetite but since she was on a diet, she wouldn't take even one slice of it."
teas (TEEZ) (noun)
Products prepared from the cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis or tea plant: "The store sold several different flavored teas to meet the various tastes of the customers."
tees (TEEZ) (noun)
Small pegs with a concave surface the purpose of which is to provide support for a ball; for example, a golf ball, used in sports: "The golf player always carried extra tees in his pocket during the golf competition."

It seems silly, but the little girl was apparently trying to taunt the golf pegs, or as someone said, she seemed to be trying to tease the golf tees with a variety of teas.