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dangle, tangle, tangle
dangle (DANG guhl) (verb)
To hang about in an uncertain manner; to hang something in a manner that allows it to swing freely: The dog's owner attempted to dangle a bone in front of the dog to make him do tricks.

Lorena tried to dangle her feet in the water as she sat on the edge of the swimming pool.

tangle (TANG guhl) (verb)
To become involved in a confusing or bewildering situation: Darren was about to tangle himself up in legal problems.
tangle (TANG guhl) (noun)
A scrambled mess of something: The string was all in a tangle and could not be undone.

Oh, what a tangle of confusion we create when we try to do too many things at once; like, trying to dangle our feet in the water of our swimming pool while playing with our dog whose leash was in a tangle because he was chasing the bone which Josh tried to dangle in front of him.

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tangle (s) (noun), tangles (pl)
1. A twisted knot or snarl of thread, rope, fishing line, hair, etc.: Jim had to get the tangles out of the string before he could use it to tie up the package.
2. A condition of confusion or disorder: Elaine and Norbert were caught up in a legal tangle as they were arranging to buy a new house.
3. A disagreement or fight: The police got into a tangle with the speeding driver after he pulled over, because he wouldn't open the door and get out as instructed.
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tangle (verb), tangles; tangled; tangling
To cause or to become twisted together or intertwined, literally or figuratively: Carol's mother told her daughter not to tangle the yarn or she wouldn't be able to knit the sweater for her.

When Jim was fishing, he tangled his line and couldn't fish anymore until he untangled it.

Mark was being tangled in confusion about what the doctor was talking about.

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