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talents, talons
talents (TAL uhnts) (noun)
1. The natural abilities or endowments of a person: "She has many talents including being a gourmet cook."
2. The general abilities that someone has: "His winter sports talents were diverse including snowboarding, skiing, and skating."

"Our friend's experience, skills, and talents make him perfectly suited for the new position in the company."

talons (TAL uhns) (noun)
1. The sharp claws of an animal or bird of prey: "The hawk flew away carrying the field mouse in its talons."

"The talons of the mountain lion are sharp and useful for hunting its prey."

2. Any objects that are shaped like a claw: "The child used two crooked sticks as talons when he tried to reach the ball he lost in the bushes."

His talents as a sportsman included working with falcons whose talons were very sharp and dangerous.