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tacks (TAKS) (verb)
1. To change the direction of a sailing ship using the direction of the wind: "This ship tacks in the wind very easily."
2. To fasten something to a surface using a short sharp pointed pin or nail: "The principal of the school usually tacks the sports schedule on the bulletin board for the coming week."
tacks (TAKS) (noun)
Short sharp pointed nails with a flat head used to attach items to a surface: "She used colorful tacks to indicate the new buildings on the city map."
tax (TAKS) (verb)
1. To make difficult or rigorous demands: "Don't tax my patience by yelling at me like that!"
2. To charge or to administer the collection of a specified amount of money for the use of or ownership of something: "The city council decided to tax each household for the amount of water that was being used in each residence."
3. To expect a great deal from or to put demands on someone or something: "That job will tax her strength because she will be required to use a lot of physical effort."

"Will you have to tax your budget so you can go on this trip?"

tax (TAKS) (noun)
An amount of money that a government requires people to pay according to their income, the value of their property, for items purchased, etc., which is used to pay for the things done by the various levels of government: "The new tax on gasoline is supposed to pay for the renovations of the roads in local areas, districts, and the country."

"It's sad to say, but the more a person makes, the more he/she will have to pay a tax on such income."

Bulletin board: Tacks' haven.

—Ellen Schneider

A tacks' haven is far from being the same as a tax haven.

Tax is another thing that, once started, declines to decline.

—Evan Esar

The principal said that all the tacks that were needed to tack up the schedules for the year would tax her supply.