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supersede (verb), supersedes; superseded; superseding
1. To replace in power, authority, effectiveness, acceptance, use, etc., as by another person or thing: Ted's supervisor retired and was superseded by another qualified administrator.
2. To set aside or to cause to be set aside as void, useless, or obsolete, usually in favor of something else: Sam superseded his old car with a new one.
3. To cause to be set aside; especially, to displace someone or something as inferior or too old: The new edition of the scientific publication was set up to supersede its original magazines.

No sooner does a person buy a computer than the company brings out a new one that is superseding it.

4. Etymology: from Latin supersedere, literally, "to sit over or above" or "to sit on top of" something; from super, "above" + sedere, "to sit".
To replace or to cause to be set aside.
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To replace or to take the place of someone or something else. (1)