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stink, stink, stint, stint
stink (STINGK) (verb)
To give off a very bad smell or odor: "The garbage in the container will stink in a day or two if it is not taken to the garbage dump."
stink (STINGK) (noun)
A very strong and offensive smell or odor: "Anna's brand of perfume, even though it is expensive, has a distinctive smell or stink to it because it is so strong."
stint (STINT) (noun)
1. A defined length of time to be devoted to an undertaking: "Bob served a stint of two years in the administration before deciding on a career change."
2. The smallest of the sand piper family, the American Sandpiper: "During the family's strolls along the beach, they sighted the female stint and her nest."
stint (STINT) (verb)
To be careful or frugal: "Jim asked his wife not to stint on the butter on his hot toast."

After his stint working in the garbage industry, he was convinced that he would stink for the rest of his life.

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(Greek: stench, stink, bad odor; unpleasant bodily odor; bromine)
(Modern Latin: from Greek, osme, "smell", "malodorousness", "stink"; metal)
(Greek: to smell; stink; generally used in a bad sense)