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fragment (noun), fragments; synonyms: debris, débris; rubbish; rubble; trash
1. A part that is broken off something or left when anything is shattered.
2. Something that is broken or separated into pieces or small parts.
    Synonyms of fragment, fragments
  • debris, useless accumulation of miscellaneous particles; waste in the form of fragments: "When the earthquake stopped, rescuers started to dig through the debris in search of survivors."
  • rubbish, things that are no longer useful, or wanted, and that have been thrown out; trash: "Please pick up all of the rubbish that has been collecting in the back yard."
  • rubble, broken pieces of stone, rock, etc. from walls or buildings that have fallen: "After the earthquake reduced the town to débris, rescue workers managed to pull some injured people out of the rubble."
  • trash, things that are no longer useful or wanted and that have been thrown away; informal, something that is very low in quality: "Trash was scattered all around in his yard and he spent most of his time watching TV trash and even trashing his living quarters."
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rabble, rabble, rubble, rubber, rubbish, ruble,
rabble (RAB uhl) (noun)
1. A disorderly and unorganized group of people: The rabble gathered in the town square to demand the end of the monopoly on coal.
2. An iron bar, usually with a bent end, used to skim, to stir, or to puddle melted iron: At the smelter, the worker using the rabble to rake the liquified metallic element requires extensive training.
rabble (RAB uhl) (verb)
To stir or to mix something by using an iron bar: Roy tried to rabble the molten charge but it was not hot enough.
rubble (RUHB uhl) (noun)
1. Broken fragments of something which is often useless: The pile of rubble left over from the building construction project needed to be hauled away.
2. Worn or broken stones, etc. that are used as filling in the construction of walls: The stone mason saved the rubble from his work to be used later when the wall was built.
3. Unfinished stone from a quarry: The sculptor used the rough piece of rubble from the quarry to carve a beautiful statue.
rubber (RUHB uhr) (noun)
A strong substance that stretches and which is made out of chemicals or from the juice of a tropical tree: Jeremy will be wearing gloves made of natural rubber and safety goggles while driving a car with tires of rubber through the circle of fire during the exhibition.
rubbish (RUHB ish) (noun)
Useless or rejected material; trash: The trucks will collect the rubbish, or garbage, on Tuesday.
ruble, rouble (ROO buhl) (noun)
A Russian coin: After Shanna's vacation in Russia, she saved a ruble as a reminder of the great time she had had there.

At the construction site, the worker used a rubber handled rabble to break up the cement into rubble which was considered rubbish. The worker was paid with a currency of rubles which were transferred directly into his bank account.

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(Greek: gravel, pebbles, rubble)