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rot, rot, wrought, wrought
rot (RAHT) (verb)
1. To become morally corrupt or degenerated: On the basis of his observed lifestyle, Otto was afraid his cousin would rot and die an early death.
2. To decay or to decompose: Mirna put the vegetable trimmings on the compost pile to rot so she would have rich soil for the garden in the spring.
rot (RAHT) (noun)
A plant disease characterized by the breakdown of tissue, caused by bacteria or fungi: Jayme had to use a special spray to get rid of the rot on her favorite rosebush.
wrought (RAWT) (verb)
To fashion or to form in an artistic manner: The blacksmith wrought an elegant iron gate for Emil's garden.
wrought (RAWT) (adjective)
Descriptive of a person who is excited or deeply affected: Raymond was wrought with sorrow when he read about the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

When the newspaper wrote about the political rot that was happening at city hall, Annemarie was wrought with anxiety because her brother was working there.

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