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rose (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to a color that consists of light pink to darker redness: "Some rose colors include cherry red, scarlet, magenta, vermillion, ruby, crimson, etc."
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rose (s) (noun), roses (pl)
A plant with fragrant red, pink, white, or yellow flowers: "James sent a dozen red roses to his wife for her birthday."
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rose, rose, rose, rosé, rows, rows, roes, rouse
rose (ROHZ) (noun)
Any of a number of plants characterized by showy flowers and prickly stems: The rose that Samantha picked for the bouquet on the table in the living room is from her garden.

Shanda bought a single red rose for the vase on the piano.

rose (ROHZ) (adjective)
Descriptive of the fragrance of the flower from the Rosaceae family: Darnell's mother loved a rose scented perfume and so he gave her a bottle for her birthday.

rose (ROHZ) (verb)
1. To have moved from a lying down position to an upright position: When the alarm clock rang, Barbara rose from her bed and took a cold shower to help her wake up.
2. To have achieved a promotion or an elevated rank: Through hard work Dominick's nephew rose from being a clerk in the store to being the manager.
rosé (roh ZAY) (noun)
A light pink wine made from purple grapes, with the skins being removed from the juice during fermentation as soon as the desired color has been attained: Cary brought a bottle of rosé to the party at his friend's home.
rows (ROHZ) (verb)
To move or propel a watercraft using oars: Gisela noticed that Edmond was very athletic and that he rows the boat with ease.
rows (ROHZ) (noun)
Several lines of objects arranged in a straight line: There were ten rows of chairs set up in the auditorium.
roes (ROHZ) (noun)
Several small delicately formed Eurasian deer having short branched antlers in the males and a brownish coat: During Roxana's walk in the park, she could see several small roes run into the shadows.
rouse (ROUZ) (verb)
1. To wake up: Otto was so tired that it was difficult to rouse himself in the morning so he could get to work on time.
2. To create an excitement within a group: The orator was able to rouse the crowd which cheered and applauded loudly.

While Lorri was standing in the park smelling the rose bushes, she saw a small herd of roes appear into the sunshine. Their appearance also served to rouse a sense of curiosity among a group of volunteers who were planting new rows of flowers in the park.

After their work, they went to the local inn and ordered a fresh rosé.

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(Modern Latin: from Greek, rhodon, "rose"; in reference to the red color of its salts; metal)
(Greek: the color rose [red]; roselike, rose-colored)
(Latin: a red or pick color; rose colored or pinkish)