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rheum, room, room
rheum (ROOM) (noun)
A watery or thin mucous discharge from the eyes or nose: When George has a cold, he keeps a handkerchief handy to wipe the rheum from his long proboscis!
room (ROOM) (verb)
To lodge in a space; such as, an apartment or house: Jacob will room with his brother in college.
room (ROOM) (noun)
1. The amount of space needed for an object or an activity: The many plants Victor's aunt grew needed a sunny room to grow in.

The children played in the room next to the kitchen.

2. The possibility of something happening or existing: There is considerable room for improvement as Alice revises the content of her writing project.

The room was cold and drafty resulting in Mable coming down with an illness that caused a lot of rheum in her nose and eyes.

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(Latin: room, area, distance, stretch of time; space)
(Latin: entrance hall or chamber; upper heart chamber; central room)
(Greek: koimeterion, sleeping-room, burial-place; grave, grave yard; final resting place)
(Greek > Latin: inner room, bedchamber; so called by Galen because chambers at the base of the brain were thought to supply animal spirits to the optic nerves; thalamus, the middle part of the diencephalon (the area in the center of the brain just above the brain stem that includes the thalamus and hypothalamus) which relays sensory impulses to the cerebral cortex of the brain)
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consulting room (s) (noun), consulting rooms (pl)
A room, or rooms, in which a doctor or other medical staff examine patients: The local medical center had a staff of twelve medical professionals who were utilizing fifteen consulting rooms.
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Vaseball: a game of catch played by children in the living room.
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recovery room
A place where upholstery is done.
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room divider
A screen or set of shelves used informally to divide large areas of space into smaller "rooms" with different functions.
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wet room
A wet room, otherwise known as a walk in shower room, is a fully watertight room that has no separate area for the shower; instead the shower head sprays directly on to the floor inside the room.
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