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rood, rude, rued
rood (ROOD) (noun)
1. A large crucifix typically hanging at the entrance of a medieval church: The rood was made of fine wood and was intricately carved by a local master.
2. A unit of measurement equal to 7 or 8 yards or about 63 meters: The gardener thought that one rood wouldn't be enough for his garden, so the surveyor measured off six roods that he would need to plant the vegetables.
rude (ROOD) (adjective)
1. Unfinished, crude: Janine submitted a rude sketch of her planned painting to her teacher for a critique.
2. Not refined, offensive: William's manners were considered rude even though he knew his mother would have told him to be polite when visiting friends.
rued (ROOD) (verb)
Having felt regret, remorse, or sorrow for something: Jeremy rued the day that he moved to the country because he felt so bored.

Willie rued the day that he allowed himself to be persuaded to purchase an "antique" rood. In fact, he figured that he was being a little rude to the merchant when he told him that he doubted its authenticity.

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(Greek: upright stake; hence, "rood, cross"; cross-shaped, crosslike, crossed)