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roo, roux, rue, rue
roo (ROO) (noun)
A shortened term for kangaroo: While Tammy and Randy were traveling in Australia by car, a roo hopped across the road in front of them.
roux (ROO) (noun)
A mixture of fat and flour; usually, cooked prior to incorporating into soup or sauce as a thickener: Janine decided to make a roux so Mildred could finish making the gravy for dinner.
rue (ROO) (verb)
To feel regret, remorse, or sorrow: Ernest and Ingrid were afraid that they would rue investing in that automobile company.

Ivan will rue the day that he signed a contract to work longer for the same pay.

rue (ROO) (noun)
A woody herb plant, the leaves of which are bitter and are included in some medications: When Alisha was ill, the doctor prescribed a medication made with rue and it tasted bitter, but it worked.

Because Lorna was distracted when she was thinking about the baby roo she saw on her trip to Australia, she thought she would rue the day that she tried to make a roux for the soup she was cooking; however, the medicine made of rue was a big help in making her feel better after eating so much.