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roll, roll, role
roll (ROHL) (verb)
1. To cause something to move in a circular fashion: When Ralph kicked the ball, it started to roll down the hill.
2. To form or to wrap something into a ball shape: Before tossing the scrap paper into the recycling bin, Sue will roll it into a round fashion.
3. To continually shift one's visual sense organs, frequently in a context of amazement or fear: Adam saw Eve's eyes roll while she watched the sword swallower at the circus.
roll (ROHL) (noun)
A list or record of names or related items: The roll of students' names included many that were familiar to the principal.
role (ROHL) (noun)
1. The part in a play or similar production undertaken by an actor: Helen got the lead role in the romantic play which the drama department was preparing to present to the public.
2. Patterns of social behavior as suggested by one's status in a group: Randy's role at family gatherings was as the wise and kindly friend.

The director called the roll, announcing a role for each participant at the same time. Martin saw his friend roll her eyes when she was given the role of a silly goose. His role required him to roll down the hill.

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(Latin: bend, curve, turn, turn around, twist, roll)