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roil (ROIL) (verb)
1. To stir or to mix muddy water by stirring it around: Tamika's little niece used a stick to roil the puddle caused by the rain in the backyard, making it very miry and mucky.
2. To get on the nerves of other people or to to upset them: Teenagers often roil their parents as they strive to achieve independence.
rile (RIGHL) (verb)
1. To provoke or to cause an animal or a person to become angry: The gossip Susana read in the newspaper really served to rile her so she wrote a letter to the editor.
2. To stir a liquid mixture until it is evenly distributed: The pharmaceutical directions said to rile the medicine in a glass of water until it was cloudy.
royal (ROI uhl) (adjective)
1. A reference to heads of state; such as, a king or queen: The butler announced that the royal guests would arrive on the morning train.
2. Referring to the service of a kingdom or to regal leaders: David's cousin was accepted into the royal guards which are featured in palace parades.

Nell told Henry that it would rile her if he persisted in treating his lazy friends in such a royal manner. In addition, she told him not to roil her with his silly explanations and excuses.

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roil (ROIL) (verb), roils; roiled; roiling
1. To irritate; to ruffle the temper, or to arouse the resentment of; to vex,; to rile: The governor was roiled by the obvious lies that were being told about his family.
2. Etymology: from French rouiller, "to make muddy". The first definition of the English word given in the major dictionaries; therefore, is that of making water or wine cloudy or opaque; as the water was roiled by the ship's propellers.
To agitate, to make angry, or to irritate.
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To disturb the temper, or to vex.
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To irritate, to make angry; to disturb. (2)