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rogue, rogue
rogue (ROHG) (noun)
An unscrupulous or dishonest person; sometimes someone who is also likable: Trudy's father was a lovable old rogue and sometimes even a lying old rogue.
rogue (ROHG) (adjective)
1. Referring to one or many individuals who act independently and use unorthodox methods that are unpredictable and sometimes are likely to cause trouble: People were complaining about how the rogue police were committing criminal acts.

Former Governor Sarah Palin completed her memoir, titled Going Rogue: An American Life about which one reviewer stated that she was the "complainer-in-chief".

2. Relating to a person or an animal that is vicious and uncontrolled and typically lives away from the others: Hunters were looking for the rogue elephant which was attacking other elephants and even attacking the gardens and living quarters of some of the local natives.

Keith, the charming rogue, distracted everyone with his jokes and compliments; no one noticed that he was disguising his true nature as a dangerous political rogue.