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rogation (s) (noun), rogations (pl)
1. A solemn supplication ceremony prescribed by a church: The pastor conduced the rogation as requested by his parishioners.
2. In the Christian Church, a solemn prayer or supplication; especially, one that is made as part of the observation of the three days preceding Ascension Day: Katherine requested that a special rogation in honor of her mother be said by the pastor.
3. In ancient Rome, the submission of a law by a consul, or tribune, to the people for their approval, or a law so submitted: The consul stood before the citizens and read the rogation, and then urged them to give their support.
4. Etymology: from Latin rogatio, rogationis, from rogatus, and rogare, "to ask".
(Latin: ask, inquire, request, beg; propose)
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rog-, roga-, -rogate, -rogation, -rogatory
Latin: ask, inquire, request, beg; propose; in this unit.