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burglar, robber, thief
burglar (BUR gluhr) (noun)
An individual who steals or attempts to take property that does not belong to that person: The burglar was caught by the police when he attempted to leave the store with the fancy TV set for which he had not paid.
robber (ROB buhr) (noun)
An individual who takes property or valuables unlawfully and often with threat of violence: The robber wore a mask and waved his gun, shouting at the people in the bank to lie on the floor before he escaped.
thief (THEEF) (noun)
An individual who takes property or steals in a very secretive manner: The thief was careful to create a sense of friendship with the rich man before he took the valuable picture off the wall.

The robber decided to employ a thief to assist him in his crimes; and because they were so clever, the police thought they were dealing with only one burglar.

(Latin: theft, robbery, felony; from latrocinium, service of mercenaries; freebooting, robbery; latro-, a mercenary soldier, or a robber)
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Left bank: What the robber did when his bag was full of loot.
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