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1. To move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment.
2. To move around without purpose or plan; to wander; to proceed in an irregular course.
3. Etymological source is unknown and there is no evidence of any connection with the Romance, or Latin, words denoting pilgrims or pilgrimages to Rome!
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roam, Rome
roam (ROHM) (verb)
To wander, or to go from place to place, not necessarily with a designated purpose: For Zelda's summer vacation, she intends to pack her bags and roam throughout the countryside.

When they are thirsty, the cattle will roam all day looking for water.

Rome (ROHM) (noun)
1. A city in Italy which is the center of political and religious activity: When Adam was a university student, he visited Rome, Italy, and went to see some of the famous ancient Roman ruins.
2. The name of at least two different cities in the United States: Just for fun, Dale wants to go see Rome, New York and Rome, Georgia.

Anita's neighbors have decided that they want to go to Italy this summer so they can roam around Rome and see the past and the present of that famous city.