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risky; risque, risqué
risky (RIS kee) (adjective)
1. Regarding something that is accompanied by or involving danger; hazardous: Driving in this winter weather can be very risky or perilous.
2. Concerning something which involves the possibility of something bad or unpleasant happening: This investment could be a risky move for the company.
risque, risqué (ris KAY) (adjective)
1. Suggestive of or bordering on indelicacy or impropriety: Why does that talk-show host have to be so risque in his conversation?
2. Referring to sex in a rude and slightly shocking way: Martin was surprised that Estella would tell such a risqué joke.

A "call girl" is a woman whose calling is a calculated risque.

Using risqué as part of an act has been labeled as a risky kind of blue material a comedian resorts to when he, or she, runs out of gray matter.

It's a risky business to tell risqué jokes when you don't know how your audience will respond.

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risky (adjective), riskier, riskiest
Descriptive terms that indicate the possibility of something bad or unpleasant happening: This agricultural investment is not as risky as some people think because it probably will supply food products that are currently in short supply.

It's riskier to increase wages at this time because it could result in a loss of finances and then the riskiest part would be a loss of jobs.

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