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ringer, wringer
ringer (RING uhr) (noun)
1. Something or someone who causes a sound, especially one that produces a chime: Adam is the ringer of the cathedral bells that we hear every morning.
2. Someone who looks very much like another person: Philip is a ringer for the president.

Cara is a dead ringer for Trisha's friend Carol.

wringer (RING uhr) (noun)
Someone or something that compresses, especially a device in which laundry is squeezed between rollers to extract water: The old-fashioned washing machines had a handwringer to press the moisture from the clothes before they were hung up to dry.

Jeff was surprised that Mrs. Smith was such a ringer for the woman who used to come to help his mother operate the wringer on her washing machine.

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A substitute for a dog closely resembling another dog.
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