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rigor (s), rigors (pl)
1. Unrelenting strictness or toughness in dealing with people or things and an unwillingness to make concessions.
2. The application of precise and exacting standards when doing something.
3. An experience of great hardship or difficulty: "His father had to suffer the rigors of life on the battlefront during the war."
4. Severe weather or the harshness of weather.
5. Rigidity of the body or a stiffness and lack of response to stimuli in body organs, muscles, or tissues.
6. A sudden attack of shivering and coldness with high temperature, called the cold stage, followed by a sense of heat and profuse perspiration, called the hot stage; for example, at the beginning of a fever.
7. A shivering or shaking of the body and limbs occurring in association with a fever of infectious origin; shaking chills.
8. Etymology: from Old French rigor, from Latin rigorem, rigor, "numbness, stiffness, rigor"; from Latin rigere, "to be stiff".
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