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rigger, rigor
rigger (RIG uhr) (noun)
1. Someone who furnishes or provides equipment for a specific use: When he retired from whaling, Sean's uncle became a rigger for other sailing ships.
2. Anyone who manipulates the outcome of an event; such as, an election: The underground boss was found to be the rigger of the census results after an investigation by officials.
3. A slender paint brush typically made of sable: For Cleo's art work, she used a rigger to create the fine points in her paintings.
rigor (RIG uhr) (noun)
1. The state of being unwavering, uncompromising, or inflexible: The rigor of the judge's decision made it difficult for the lawyers to challenge the outcome of the trial.
2. Conditions that make life and subsistence difficult: The rigor of the arctic winters made the expedition's tasks harder to achieve.
3. The quality or state of being very exact, careful, or strict: The students conducted the experiments with scientific rigor because they were being guided by a scholar known for her intellectual rigor.
4. Stiffness of tissue that prevents response to stimuli: There was a rigor in the patient's arm that made it difficult for the doctor to examine her.

When Patricia ordered the arctic camping equipment from the local rigger, he warned her about the rigor and dangers that might be a part of her arctic explorations.