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(Greek: ridge; crest, tuft; by extension, hill top)
(Greek > Latin: wrinkle, to make full of wrinkles; ridge, fold)
(Greek: narrow passage or ridge; narrow passage or strip [especially of bodily tissue] connecting two larger entities)
Word Entries containing the term: “ridge
deltoid ridge (s) (noun), deltoid ridges (pl)
The ridge on the humerus where the deltoid muscle is attached.
This entry is located in the following unit: delta, delt-; Δ, δ (page 2)
mental ridge (s) (noun), mental ridges (pl)
A dense elevation that extends from the symphysis menti (abnormal adhesion of two or more structures in the center front of the lower jaw) to the premolar area on the anterolateral aspect (in front and on each side) of the body of the lower jaw: Dr. Levi was trying to explain to Gilberto that it is possible to improve the condition of the mental ridge of his chin.
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