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rich (adjective); richer, more rich; richest, most rich
1. Owning a lot of money and/or expensive property: The rich landlord owned extensive acreage of valuable farmland and he even had access to a river.
2. Worth a great deal of money: The local owner of a brewery left a richer endowment to the famous university than anyone had ever done before.
3. Made from or consisting of things of the highest quality: The furniture upholstery and drapery were made of the richest brocade fabric and colors that Kate had ever seen before.
4. Providing or having a large amount of something that is needed or wanted: This lexicon has a rich source of vocabulary information.
5. Very interesting and full of many different things: Carol and Virginia have a rich vocabulary which they strive to share with others.
6. Producing a big quantity of something: Novels have always been the rich contents of material for the movie industry.

These days, the internet is a very rich source of all kinds of information for everyone.

7. Etymology: the original meaning of rich was "mighty, noble".

It goes back ultimately to the Indo-European base reg-, "move in a straight line"; therefore, "direct" and "rule" which is the source of English right from Latin rex, "king" (ancestor of English regent, regiment, etc.).

—Compiled from information located in
Dictionary of Word Origins by John Ayto;
Arcade Publishing; New York; 1990; page 445.
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