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Rhodes, roads
Rhodes (ROHDZ) (noun)
1. A Greek island located in the southeast Aegean Sea just off the Turkish coast: Willie spent his vacation on Rhodes, enjoying the Aegean sunshine and beaches.
2. A British colonial financier and statesman in South Africa who made a fortune in gold and diamond mining: Cecil Rhodes used some of his wealth to establish scholarships for students to study at Oxford University.
roads (ROHDZ) (noun)
Open pathways or highways for the use of vehicular traffic: Debora was pleased that the roads in the county were well maintained and comfortable to use.

During her vacation, Stefanie noticed that the roads on Rhodes had been recently paved.

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Colossus of Rhodes (s) (noun)
A gigantic bronze statue of Apollo set at the entrance to the harbor of ancient Rhodes about 285 B.C.
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