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evoke, invoke, revoke
evoke (i VOHK) (verb)
To summon, call forth, or recollect: Seeing the valley served to evoke strong memories of growing up in the mind of the tourist.
invoke (in VOHK) (verb)
To solicit or to request help or support: In ancient mythology, the priests would invoke the deities to protect the sailors on the seas.
revoke (ri VOHK) (verb)
To take back, to annul, or to recall: Richard's father decided to revoke his permission for the children to go swimming and so they went to the movies instead.

The city official had to invoke support from the fire department in order to carry out the order to revoke the parade permit. In the end, he also had to evoke an order from the mayor to cancel the parade.

invoke, revoke
invoke (in VOHK) (verb)
To appeal for or to make an earnest request: Dennis sought to invoke the help of his friends when he was building a new barn.
revoke (ri VOHK) (verb)
To take or to call back, to annul: Because of Eric's bad driving record, the police decided to revoke his driving license.

Lucinda tried to invoke the help of a magician to complete her overdue homework assignment; however, she had to revoke her appeal when her teacher said she would get a lower grade if she had outside help.

revoke (verb), revokes; revoked; revoking
1. To annul, or to make void, by recalling or taking back; to cancel, rescind, repeal, or reverse: Jill's driver's license was revoked by officials because she was considered to be a reckless driver; especially, since she had had so many traffic violations.

James was allowed to use Marie's cell phone, but she revoked this privilege when he started to use it to show his friends her private e-mails.

2. To cancel an act, particularly a statement, document, or promise as if it no longer exists: A person can revoke a will or an offer to enter into a contract, while a government agency can officially declare that something is no longer legal.
To annul, to void, or to cancel.
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To repeal, to annul, or to withdraw.
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