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(Latin: from, away from, off; down; wholly, entirely, utterly, complete; reverse the action of, undo; the negation or reversal of the notion expressed in the primary or root word)
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reverse peristalsis (s) (noun), reverse peristalses (pl)
Movement in the opposite direction to that which is normal: Reverse peristalsis consists of an intestinal squeezing that goes in a direction that is the opposite of what generally takes place during which the contents of the intestine are forced backward.
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(a reverse acronym or a regular word that also doubles as an acronym using the same procedures as with acronyms, except that the letters of a word are presented to form a phrase which defines the word or for humorous reasons)
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reverse current protection
Any method of preventing unwanted current flow from the battery to the photovoltaic array (usually at night).

Also see blocking diode.

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