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reference, reverence, reverence
reference (REF uhr uhns, REF ruhns) (noun)
1. A written or verbal statement describing the qualifications of an individual, typically prepared by someone who is well acquainted with the applicant: The letter of reference for the candidate was outstanding.
2. The act of mentioning something in speech or in writing: Roy made reference to the agreement he made with the company regarding his retirement.
3. A source of information: The index in the book provided the specific reference for which Art was looking when doing his research.
4. A published work that provides extensive information on many subjects: A thesaurus is a reference to use when looking up multiple meanings or synonyms of words.
reverence (REV uhr uhns) (noun)
Devoted respect or honor for an individual; The congregation showed a reverence towards the woman who had been their pastor for many years by endorsing her appeal for funds for hungry children in the community.
reverence (REV uhr uhns) (verb)
To treat with respect or honor: As children they were taught to reverence their parents; especially, as they grew older.

In the speech which Nell gave on Fire Fighters’ Day, she made reference to the reverence they owed to their local fire fighters and their commitments to their community.

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(Latin: love, loveliness, beauty, attractiveness, charm; by extension, "reverence; to worship")