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reverberation (s) (noun), reverberations (pl)
1. A repetition of or a bouncing of sounds: The reverberation of the organ echoed through the empty church.

When Doris was practicing her speech in the big hall that was void of people, she had to get used to the reverberations of her words so she could concentrate on the content of her presentation that would take place later in the evening with an audience.

2. A commotion or blaring that is heard several times: The reverberations of cars honking on the streets in the city at rush hour slowly died away.
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optimum reverberation time (s) (noun), optimum reverberation times (pl)
The best amount of time for sound to travel in an acoustic environment; normally less than one-third of a second for good listening conditions: The optimum reverberation time was being calculated by Christian, the renovating-acoustic contractor, for the new concert hall and the auditorium.
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reverberation chamber (s) (noun), reverberation chambers (pl)
In acoustics, a room having very little audible absorptions: A reverberation chamber has multiple echoes in all directions; so, if a sound is measured at a particular point, it will appear to come equally from all directions.
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